Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander


The man who would become the Cobra Commander served as an Army Special Forces officer with tours in some of the world's nastiest hot spots. Because of his distinguished record and numerous service medals he was approached by General Golobulous to form a task force to combat growing terrorist threats, specifically the extremist group known as GI Joe. The US Special Mission Group Delta, Codename COBRA, would answer directly to the President. Its members would be hand picked and culled from the best of the best. His first recruits were men who previously served with him with distinction, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

Cobra's first mission came while the team was still getting to know each other and their new headquarters, The NEST. They were to rescue hostages taken by GI Joe at the Springfield State Building. As fate would have it, the released video of the hostages revealed Snake Eyes' sister was one of those being held at gun point. Cobra's mission became a personal matter.

From the beginning the mission was FUBAR. Bad intel led to a serious underestimation of opposing forces and the strategy used by the enemy. Cobra had been led to believe this group's actions would be disjointed and uncoordinated and that because they lacked any religious zeal they would not follow through on any suicidal acts. GI Joe was in fact the very opposite. They had spread the hostages into different locations. They had also rigged the building, themselves, and the hostages with booby-traps. The price of finding that information out too late was the death of 3 Cobras and all of the hostages. After which, the Commander ordered his men to abort the mission.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow ignored the order. When they finally found Snake Eyes' sister it was too late. She had been executed only moments before they got there. As the two made their way out, the charges started going off and they got caught in the blasts as they were leaving the building. Storm Shadow escaped with serious injuries that would heal in time. Snake Eyes dissappeared enitrely until rumors surfaced that he was now working for GI Joe.

* * *

Cobra Commander garners the respect of the men and women that serve under him by leading from example. They know he is the type of person who wouldn't ask them to do something if he wouldn't do it himself. He is an expert in all NATO and WARSAW firearms and explosives as well as several forms of martial arts. His past experiences still weigh on him but have taught him never to underestimate GI Joe.

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