Crazy Legs
Crazy Legs

Graduated U.S. Army Airborne School, was known for his recklessness in the LZ until one nasty jump broke both of his ankles. Was given the nickname 'Crazy Legs' after his ankles failed to heal correctly. Crazy Legs was pulled from the jumping ranks and given a desk job. He failed a psychiatric evaluation and was committed to the ward after smashing his entire office's computers during an online chat with an ex-girlfriend. He escaped by lobbing a concrete block through a second story window. Re-broke both ankles on the subsequent jump, yet managed to elude capture. He then hooked up with the man who would become 'Airborne', and went into a seedy business with good pay. Eventually picked up as muscle for the G.I. Joe organization, albeit with some trepidation, due to his violent tendencies.

Favorite book: Misery
Favorite movie: Misery
Favorite actor: Kathy Bates
Writing his own book in his spare time: Hobbling as a Hobby

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