Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow

Codename: Storm Shadow
File Name: Arashikage, Thomas
Primary Military Specialty: Commando
Secondary Military Specialty: Unarmed Combat

Having served under the man who would become the Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow was one of the first members selected for Special Missions Group Delta, codename COBRA. An expert with all firearms, Storm Shadow preferred edged weapons to fight his foes face-to-face, in the ancient warrior code of Bushido. His skills allowed him to become a silent and deadly scout; a wraith who could slip into an enemy stronghold and eliminate the guards without a man being aware he was present until it was too late.

Storm Shadow's first mission with COBRA failed before it was even launched. Based on poor intel, the COBRA team inserted into Springfield to rescue a group of hostages held by a terrorist cell of GI Joe. Storm Shadow had a personal stake in the mission as the sister of his old friend Snake-eyes was one of the terrorists being held. Ignoring orders, the two men infiltrated the warehouse only to find Snake-eyes' sister had been slain mere moments before. Before either man could react or mourn, demolition charges in the building detonated, bring the roof down on the two soldiers. Storm Shadow was extracted from the wreckage, Snake-eyes was presumed as being killed in action.

Refusing to retire, Storm Shadow began a painful rehabilitation that allowed him to rejoin his unit in record time. It was at this time that COBRA was drawn into an ambush planned specifically to eliminate Cobra Commander. Snake-eyes had survived and was driven mad with the desire to exact vengeance on the man he blamed for his sister's death. Facing his friend on a smoldering airstrip, Storm Shadow held his ground, allowing the Commander to escape as Snake-eyes unleashed a vicious assault. The two men clashed, blades slashing as they fought. Knowing Storm Shadow was the superior swordsman; Snake-eyes slashed him across the bicep, rendering his sword arm useless. Adding insult to injury, Snake-eyes proceeded to sadistically scar his former friend's face. Leaving Storm Shadow to die, Snake-eyes disappeared into the smoke.

COBRA surgeon Scalpel created a brace for Storm Shadow that would allow him full use of his left arm. As his wounds healed, the scars left by the battle reminded Storm Shadow of the burden he now carried. Snake-eyes would not rest until the commander was slain and he would die before he would surrender. Knowing he must face his friend again, Storm Shadow remains ever vigilant.

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