The basic HEI$T troopers are known as HIGHWAYMEN. We're still working on a detail profile of these guys, and all we really know so far is they tend to be extremely driven individuals from all walks of life. Even down to this level HEI$T prides itself on professionalism, and although they don't shy away from using fear and force to get their job done, we've yet to see any messy displays or lack of control on the HIGHWAYMEN's part. Believe it or not, one of the only clear voice samples we've got from them is a "Thank you, ma'am" picked up on vault security after the manager was forced to open it. They mean business though, and they're equipped with significant armor and weaponry. Do no mistake "seemingly well mannered" for a lack of threat from these guys. These guys are carrying advanced electronically fired, stacked projectile rifles that we believe VAULT helped developed.

Helmet is Flash helmet backwards.

Initially peaced together as a bomb squad member. The reversed helmet and look inspired the idea for HEI$T.

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