Real Name: David J. Gilmer
PMS: Anti-Air Ordinance
SMS: Heavy Arms Testing

Flak-Vipers, almost by definition, have to be physically adept. Very few soldiers can handle running across a battlefield with a missile delivery system strapped to their back, and even fewer can remain cool and collected enough to drop enemy aircraft at the same time. BOMBBURST goes beyond even that. He can successfully shoot the helmet off of a Joe while slamming two missiles into the main fuel line of a Skystriker, and not even break a sweat.

Despite this ice-like image, Bombburst is an affable type off the field, and takes great pride in his fantastic singing voice and his vast collection of Motown classics. While other new recruits proved themselves by beating each other up, Bombburst sang them all right into his hands.

"Not many men qualify to become a Flak-Viper. Even fewer have the skill and precision that Bombburst has. And ONLY Bombburst has proven capable to take out Joe aircraft while singing Jackie Wilson's 'Higher and Higher.' A truly outstanding individual, and a deserving member of the Nightmares!"
-Cobra Commander

This was a VERY quick job, he was done in a few hours. The hardest part was painting the details (and getting the fleshtone to stick to his face.) Bombburst was going to be African-American, but I couldn't find a good skintone that didn't leave him looking like Al Jolson. (Which, IMHO, is a sad commentary about the paint companies) Regardless, I'm very pleased with the way he came out. The colors used were Games Workshop Chaos Black, Codex Grey, and Royal Blue, with Tin Bitz on the visor and clasps/buckles. I really like the twin holsters on the hips, it gives him sort of a "gunslinger" look.

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