Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Vehicle Test Driver
Rank: E6 (or Equivalent)

Crash started off in Cobra as a Soldier. He rose to the rank of Officer,where he languished in severe boredom for 1 year. He was promoted to Stinger driver and then to Hiss driver. It was as a driver that he really felt alive. Unfortuantely for him his superiors in Cobra discovered he was a headcase and had no regard for safety. After he crashed 3 stingers, he was promoted to a Hiss driver with the thought that it would be harder to crash and destroy a tank. He spent a year proving them wrong, crashing 2 Hisses. Unfortunately for him when he crasehd the 3rd Stinger and the 2nd Hiss, Cobra Commander was on-board. He was quickly re-assigned to the new Vipers program and he served with distinction hoping to impress his superiors enough to get him back behind the wheel. When the new Hiss 2 was being developed Destro needed someone to take it out on live fire tests. Cobra Commander remembered the moron who nearly killed him twice and ordered him sent to Destro. Crash successfully tested the new Hiss 2 and recommended several areas where it could be improved. He tested the Rage and several other vehicles as well over the years. With budgetary concerns forcing MARS to cut-back on new vehicle development, Crash was about to be sent back to the Vipers. He heard about the new Nightmares program and volunteered immediately for it. Destro gave him a glowing recommendation and he was accepted into the new group. His utter dis-regard for his own and other peoples safety has allowed to him to personally salvage several Nightmares missions gone wrong. He serves as an Infantryman primarily and as the back up vehicle driver. The last vehicle he tested was an un-named heavily armored APC that MARS had to scrap because of budget reasons. He is trying to pull some strings to get the prototype issued to Nightmares as the groups main vehicle.

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