Real Name: Everett D. Krousher
Primary Military Specialty: Airborne Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: CQB(Close-Quarters Combat)
Birthplace: Classified

An ex-Green Beret,having served in the US Army 5th Special Forces Group Airborne,the same unit that produced G.I.Joe team member, FALCON.Court-martialed and dishonorably discharged for many series of disciplinary problems; gross insubordination and 4 counts of aggrevated assault on an officer.After serving 5 years in a military prison,DARK SKY was approached by a Cobra recruiter and enlists.Soon after,becomes a member of Cobra AIR DEVIL Commando Brigade.Recognized for his superior skills,sadistic nature,and problems with working with others,he is recruited to The NIGHTMARES by Cobra Commander himself. Now subject only works in solo missions as an airborne insurgent for this elite group.

From the files of Cobra Commander: "Any father would be proud to call this man their son! After talking with DARK SKY briefly upon his recruitment with NIGHTMARES,I asked him what motivates him to go into battle at every turn. He eerily smiles at me and replies and I quote, "I just wanted an excuse to hurt as many people as I could...in other words, I like to hurt people..."

He's absolutely perfect! Cold,cunning,thorough,and brutal.Though he refuses to work with others on missions,solo,he gets results like no other and at the same time,takes pride in the brutality he inflicts upon those whom he encounters on the offensive.He's even known to lay waste to so-called "innocent bystanders" at his own leisure..."

Lt.Falcon writes: "Though I never had the displeasure of meeting DARK SKY in person, since I joined G.I.Joe before he came to Special Forces, he is infamous in my former unit.My former instructors call him a monster that man made and Special Forces made even more dangerous..."

I loved every minute of making this guy.One of my absolute favorite customs.I especially love the dark color choices I gave him,by choosing not to color the red visor,made him look even cooler to me...

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