Real Name: Daniels, Dante J.
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Human-Cyborg Relations

One of Dr. Mindbender's proudest creations, DEATHWISH is a true combination of man and machine optimized for the battlefield. Chosen for the NIGHTMARES for his enhanced speed, strength, and built in firepower, DEATHWISH is the heavy hitting infantryman of the group. His cybernetic reconstruction and ability to actually take incredible amounts of fire has earned him the nickname "the un-human shield."

DEATHWISH was an aimless young man who stumbled into the ranks of COBRA. Like many others, he found himself shot in the back by rampaging B.A.T.s during a botched op. Unlike most, however, he eventually became the prototype for a new type of soldier. Most Cyber-Vipers are "volunteers" from COBRA's living ranks, combining the intelligence and reasoning of a human soldier with the power and technology of B.A.T.s. DEATHWISH was harvested from the battlefield, suspended forever in a state somewhere between life and death by extensive cybernetic restructuring. His skeletal frame has been reinforced to support the burden of his heavier internal equipment. His entire right arm has been replaced by a enormous fully automatic assault cannon. Increased audio and visual perception comes from intense reworking to the skull, including an eye capable of various targeting and scanning methods. His enhancements also give him the ability to communicate and command B.A.T.s as well as access basic computer and security systems. His heart and lungs were both replaced with a compact energy system that maintains his body, along with a back up processor that allows for the most basic of combat processing should the main processor (his brain) be destroyed. He has been outfitted with a modified VIPER's flak vest to cover this area, as it is his only truly vulnerable point.

Not even his creator, Dr. Mindbender, is sure if DEATHWISH is conscious of his current or previous existence. When he first recovered from his transformation, he went into a rage and tried to tear out the cybernetic workings of his chest compartment when he saw his own reflection in the high polished stainless steel decor of COBRA's laboratory. This earned him his name, as well as his permanently equipped flak vest. He has never been known to speak or socialize in anyway since, and is treated more like a piece of equipment rather than a team member by most of the other NIGHTMARES. Outside, some wonder if he's just been reduced to the most primitive of consciousness, stimulus and response, by his transformation. Inside, he silently hopes for a way to break free of the implants that keep on COBRA's leash... or at least a way to destroy the sub-routines that prevent him from destroying himself.

It took me a long time to come up with an idea for this round of the Group Custom Projects, and I went through about 3 different concepts before I settled on this one. Originally, I wanted to use a half helmet like the Cyber-Vipers', but more similar to a typical Viper's in style, but once I settled on the head I decided to give him a more detailed face/hair-style (and theoretically more personality) instead. It's taken me all three months of this round to finish him because I've either been packing, moving, or unpacking stuff the hole time. At the last minute, the clear coat I usually use evidently went bad and really botched up his paint, leaving some areas gloss, some flat, and some inbetweeb... Other than that I'm rather proud of how he came out... even if I had to redo his cyber-arm at the last minute and ended up Krazy Gluing my foot to the carpet.

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