Real Name: Jean-Reno Laveque
Primary Specialty: Wilderness Warfare
Secondary Specialty: Marksman

Predator was born to a famous big game hunter on the Sarengetti Plains in Africa and quickly took up his father's pastime. He was a child prodigy, but quickly became bored with hunting things that did not shoot back. When they returned to Europe, he joined the Foreign Legion, using his well developed stalking skills in battle. He was deemed too dangerous and unpredictable by superious officers and asked to leave. Fellow former Foreign Legion operatives Tomax and Xamot pointed him towards Cobra.

From the files of Cobra Commander: "Predator is downright scary. Seeing him stalk his prey through the wilderness is similar to watching a jungle cat stalk a gazelle. His skill with a rifle is unparalleled, and he is without a doubt a necessary addition to The Nightmares!"

I tried to maintain a jungle cat like appearence with this guy while keeping the 'big game hunter' atmosphere about him. This is one of the best customs I think I've done. I kind of went crazy with the whole 'Nightmares' theme by trying to make him look a little frightening with the skull mask. It happened to fit right in tho the whole 'Range-Viper' motif.

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