FileName: Classified
PMS: Undercover Espionage
SMS: Law & Psychology
Grade: O6 (Col)

Before his involvement in Cobra, Scofflaw was a highly sought after Trial Lawyer who never lost a case - regardless of what evidence was presented against his clients. He holds advanced Law & Psychology degrees from the most respected colleges in the world, and is a true master in the art of manipulation. He is also the last remaining heir of a very old and extremely affluent family, and is no stranger to wealth and refinement. Bored with the ability to purchase anything and anyone with the seemingly infinite amount of wealth at his disposal, he joined Cobra as a means to an end that he has yet to reveal.

"He's one of the most admired people in the Cobra army, and makes quick and utterly loyal friends almost immediately. Perhaps its his charm & good looks, his wealth, or even his uncanny ability to manipulate even the most stubborn of men. I tend to believe it is his reputation with how dangerous an adversary he can be once you cross him - in or out of court."
- Cobra Commander

I had the thigh & feet combo put together for a different custom, but thought it looked better for this figure. I decided to keep as close to the original color scheme as possible, with the exception of the highlights being gold instead of silver. Where does the light blue come from? I thought it looked cool.

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