Real Name: Duncan Kendall
Primary Specialty: Telecommunications
Secondary Specialty: Secretarial

Known as a man that's always thinking, Cobra Commander would film his diary with a random tele-viper. Scribe was picked one night, but because of his keen senses with regards to film equipment, he heard another camera recording the top secret information the Cobra Supreme Leader was releasing. With a precision knife toss, the other camera was destroyed and the G.I. Joe Scoop was captured.

When the Nightmares were being formed, Cobra Commander knew he couldn't just have a team of such destructive potential without filming their mayhem for bragging purposes. He promoted Scribe to a senoir viper and assigned him to the elite squad.

I liked the head for a communication officer because there were subtle microphones and headphones. Rusty screws kept me from using my first two choises for chests (an actual Tele-Viper and a Crimson Guardsman) and had to settle for the same chest as the arms I intended on using; Metal Head. The legs I had some options -Snake Eyes v3, Quick Kick, Dice- but I instead decided on using Slice's legs and messing with some paint. When I knew I had to paint the legs anyway, I went with blue pants instead of my original plan for black. Since seeing Scofflaw, I'm glad I didn't end up using the Crimson guard chest since the chest and blue pants would have unintentionaly left the figures very similar.

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