Primary Military Specialty: Hostile Environment Trooper
Secondary Military Specialty: Chemical Weapons

Vile was part of an ill-fated Viper squad sent out on a misson to steal technology. GIJoe was ready for them and the squad was whipped out except Vile. When he returned to base Cobra Commander was so angry at the failure that he transfered Vile to the Toxo-Viper pool, also know as the leaky suit brigade.

Vile was determined to prove himself and not to fall prey to the negative aspects of being a Toxo-Viper (such as forgeting to repair minor damage to his suit and becoming a mindless zombie). He began modifying his equipment and quickly rose through their ranks and was finally transfered to the elite Nightmares group. Vile carries a unique radiation and chemical detector and a Toxin-dart pistol of his own design.

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