The Faceless Master
The Faceless Master
The Faceless Master

The Faceless Master was a master of the Koga Ninja Clan. His father, a plantation owner and an anti-Japanese guerilla in French Indochina during the 1940's, had spared the life of a young Japanese officer who turned out to be the son of the Grandmaster of the Koga Ninjas.

After the Viet-Minh turned on his father and murdered him, the Koga Ninja Clan took the Faceless Master in and adopted him. They trained him well and he became the first outlander to become a full master of any ninja style.

It was his status as a ninja master that gave him entree to the shop of Onihashi, the Mystic Swordsmith. This association to the Arashikage's personal weapon maker gave the Faceless Master access to the Arashikage household.

Because of his equal rank to Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes, he was allowed to train in the family dojo and study the secret forms. It was during this time that he became known as the Faceless Master because of his ability to blur his face using a specialized form of hypnosis.

I was able to make the ninja mask using the removeable helmet tutorial by Asphalt. It took some trial and error to get it to come off without ripping it apart.

I sculpted the arms for the baggy sleeve look and gave the figure a new neck. I had to bash the lower legs together for the clothed look and better articulation.

The weapons were scratch built using styrene, green stuff, model chain, and the handle from a Trigate Creations sword.

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