Ninja Force Strategist
Code Name Donatello
File Name: Fujikawa, Donald

The third of four brothers to be adopted by the Iron Master, Don was born of an American mother and a Japanese Father. Donatello's signature weapon is the bo staff. He is the most intelligent of the four brothers with a natural aptitude for science and technology. He loves to tinker with stuff and often creates hi-tech versions of traditionnal ninja weapons (His GPS-guided shuriken are one of his more successful inventions).

The four ninja brothers are my attempt at a not-so-subtle hommage to TMNT's 25th anniversary. I tried adapting the characters to fit into my Joe-verse by changing their backstories but keeping their personalities intact. Their outfits are meant to translate the 4 turtles color schemes (Green base, beige chest, brown belts and pads and color coded hoods). Although the code names are a little hokey, I like how the customs turned out.

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