Little is known about Mayor's past, both in and outside the military. Until recently, any information that pertained to him had been classified by the government. What is known is that Mayor began working with the GI Joe team during the mid 1980's. His assignments were mainly on Special Missions in Europe and the Middle East. After the disbandment of the Joe team in 1994, it is believed that Mayor may have been an informant for the Black Ops team consisting of Duke and Kamakura. It was during this time that Kamakura begin teaching him the stealthy ways of the ninja to help him become more efficient in recon missions.

I actually pieced this guy together in 2005, but never got around to doing him. When this project won, it gave me the opportunity to do him. Originally I was going to go with a darker hunter green, but Ninja Force just screams neon. The parts work great here because the parts really favor my original Mayor custom.

The green paint, however, was a nightmare.I did two coats of white primer to have an even base to start with. I then had to apply 5 coats of neon green spray paint to cover consistently. The parts are extremely tight, and the paint will wrinkle/scratch if you look at it the wrong way. Although the construction was a pain, I am relatively please with the results.

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