Ninja Force Saboteur
Code Name: Michealangelo
File Name : Fujikawa, Micheal

Michealangelo is the youngest of the brothers and was only 2 years old when his parents died. He is the most lighted-hearted and friendly of the brothers. Upbeat and good-natured, Mikey prefers to spend his time looking at the better aspects of life. Due to his status as the baby of the family, Mikey's brothers, especially Raph, assume an extremely protective watch over him during missions. Unfortunately, these common beliefs have resulted in Michelangelo often being underestimated. His weapons of choice are the nunchukus.

The four ninja brothers are my attempt at a not-so-subtle hommage to TMNT's 25th anniversary. I tried adapting the characters to fit into my Joe-verse by changing their backstories but keeping their personalities intact. Their outfits are meant to translate the 4 turtles color schemes (Green base, beige chest, brown belts and pads and color coded hoods). Although the code names are a little hokey, I like how the customs turned out.

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