Crimson Guard

Crimson Guards (Siegies) are Cobra's elite troopers and Cobra Commander's loyal bodyguards. They undergo the most rigourous physical and mental training. They are often recruited directly out of college and hold professional degrees in a wide variety of fields. They are lawyers, accountants, bankers and politicians. Unbenownst to the general population, they fight Cobra's battles in courtrooms and city halls across the World.

Crimson Guard (along with Cobra Viper) has always been my favorite troop builder. Operation Crimson Sabotage was responsible for bringing me back into Joes after a 17 year hiatus. When the project was voted on, I immediately tried to figure out how to make a "Siegie" out of a very limited number of parts. I found it easier than I thought it would be. The parts fit together nicely and I was pretty surprised at how well it represented Cobra's Elite Trooper.

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