As a child, Low-Light was afraid of the dark, timid with animals and shy of loud noises... until one precarious hunting expedition with his father. Low-Light somehow lost his way in the impenetrable darkness. He was found three weeks later with his flashlight, his .22 caliber rifle and a grin from ear to ear. ''It doesn't matter what firld of fire the bad guys control - the night belongs to Low-Light.''

Having switched to the "no-ring" type figure about two years ago, my amount of available fodder for this project was very limited. Playing around with the parts available to me, Lowlight seemed to jump out at me. Borrowing some elements from his 2nd version (Black hair, visor and helmet), allowed me to make a figure that, I believe, fits in nicely with the original 13 Joes, but at the same have a color scheme and personality of its own.

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