File Name: (UNKNOWN)
Primary Military Specialty: Mountain Assault
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry

One of the nameless, faceless legions of COBRA Command. Each COBRA MOUNTAIN TROOPER is highly skilled in the use of explosives, all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, sabotage, and mountaineering. Graduated: COBRA Mountain School. Qualified expert: Skorpion (VZOR61) Machine Pistol; Dragunov (SVD) Sniper's Rifle; Uzi Submachine Gun; M-16.

"COBRA Mountain Troopers can climb up a mountain crag as easily as the rest of you stroll across a deserted street!"

Rock Viper is my favorite troop, so I wanted to give him the Project 84 treatment. I really wish I could've used a complete Scrap Iron figure (Hasbro concept sketches show a mountaineering Joe that uses Scrap Iron's parts), but this was what I had to work with. I think the torso works well her, and everything else fits too. I attempted to match the tan from Clutch and Grunt, and it is fairly close. The maroon, although it favors the original Rock Viper, was supposed to match Scrap Iron more closely. Alpine's accessories were a no brainer here as well. Lastly, I really love the helmets and visors of this era, and the accessory pack visor lended itself perfectly for this project.

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