Grid Iron
Covert Infiltration
Terrence Lydon

The Covert Expedition Platoon is a small group of Ex-Joes led by Hawk to do the dirtiest, most dangerous work that a soldier can do. Cut off from support and without the tools of modern warfare, the Covert Expedition Platoon will go anywhere and do anything to bring the fight to Cobra.

Grid-Iron was a small kid on a big football field since his High School Days. He learned to make a plan, depend on his teammates, and do what he needed to to win - but none of that mattered if he was caught and tackled by the other team. Being a good quarterback required planning and leadership, but it also required a healthy helping of evading the other guy long enough to get your plan into action. These lessons proved valuable in his second career as an infiltrator.

"He's been getting past guards much larger than him all his life. Then, failure was punished by a freight train of a defensive tackle crushing him to the ground. Since he was very young, the idea of getting caught is always accompanied by the memory of pain.."

Covert Expedition Platoon: This force includes Hawk, Mike Power, Law, Knockdown, Rapid-Fire and Captain Grid-Iron. An additional team member, Sightline is available at Chuck E. Cheese's. They're dressed primarily in neon yellow and stark black with neon brown highlights.

I've always thought of Grid-Iron as a smaller guy because of his tiny little head. When I picked randomly, I got a lot of small parts that only worked together with each other. I decided that good old Gridiron, would be the smaller guy I always Imagined.

The yellow shirt is a vinyl wrap that didn't go well. As my first one, I cut it improperly, and ended up making a number of holes in it trimming down to size. I decided that these holes were in keeping with the rough and damaged look I was going for, so I kept them, trimmed them back and coated them with a wash and hardener to keep them from further damage. The end result looks like what I had intended, a yellow shirt damaged by rough wear.

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