Covert Expedition Hawk
Covert Expedition Hawk
Covert Expedition Hawk

Covert Expedition Platoon Leader
Name: Clayton Abernathy

Seeking respite from the politics of Washington, General Hawk took retirement. But even retirement couldn't keep Hawk out of the fight against Cobra! Hawk took personal command of the Covert Expedition Platoon, a long range team cut off from the usual military apparatus to investigate rumors of Cobra in the far off reaches of the globe.

A man like Hawk may have golfed with the Joint Chiefs, and had fancy dinners with the president, but he has never been afraid of getting his hands dirty. His team is always ready to investigate any lead, capture any enemy, and survive any situation.

"His men have always said they were willing to follow him into hell - now he's taking them up on it!"

Covert Expedition Platoon: This force includes Hawk, Mike Power, Law, Knockdown, Rapid-Fire and Captain Grid-Iron. An additional team member, Sightline is available at Chuck E. Cheese's. They're dressed primarily in neon yellow and stark black with neon brown highlights.

To get into the spirit of the project, I pulled the parts of the figures out at random as well, and tired to piece together something that looked good. In some cases it worked, in Hawk's case... less so.

My goal was to make something in yellow that still looked military and met the idea of an expedition platoon. I wanted them to look rough and dirty.

I have been painting minis for a while now, and tried to use some of the same shadowing and wash techniques in this project that I have become accustomed to in minis. IT seems that things like washes require a different set of talents to scale to joe level.

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