The Covert Expedition Platoon is a small group of Ex-Joes led by Hawk to do the dirtiest, most dangerous work that a soldier can do. Cut off from support and without the tools of modern warfare, the Covert Expedition Platoon will go anywhere and do anything to bring the fight to Cobra.

After the death of Order at the hands of Cobra, Law went to a very dark place. He left the military, and was unable to cope with civilian life. When Hawk found him again, he was barely getting by working in a local animal shelter. Hawk sensed a need in him to get closure for the loss of his partner, and offered him a place on the Covert Expedition Platoon.

"There is a difference between closure and vengeance, but the line between them is thin. Order was not a pet, he was a partner. Until Cobra has paid its measure for Order's death, I don't think Law will ever rest easily again."

Covert Expedition Platoon: This force includes Hawk, Mike Power, Law, Knockdown, Rapid-Fire and Captain Grid-Iron. An additional team member, Sightline is available at Chuck E. Cheese's. They're dressed primarily in neon yellow and stark black with neon brown highlights.

Yellow is hard. Difficult to make look good, difficult to cover primer, and difficult to make look good. No matter the quality of the paint, it's a lot of coats to cover and a lot of coats to get not looking bad.

I couldn't get the neon paint I had to work on primed figures, I tried using a cheaper quality paint and it wouldn't thin or work properly while keeping its neon qualities. So I went with a bright yellow citadel paint instead,. with a gloss highlight. Unfortunately, using a gloss on the yellow looked.. well terrible.

I decided that I would use a gloss based shade to get the "bright but dirty" effect that I was looking for, and on this figure (more so than the others) I got the look that I wanted.

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