The Covert Expedition Platoon is a small group of Ex-Joes led by Hawk to do the dirtiest, most dangerous work that a soldier can do. Cut off from support and without the tools of modern warfare, the Covert Expedition Platoon will go anywhere and do anything to bring the fight to Cobra.

Robbie "Rapidfire" London was languishing in barracks having relegated to a team that no longer saw the kind of action that an Adrenalin junkie like Rapidfire needed to feel alive. One of the most promising young soldiers of the 1990's special forces community, his career had stalled, as he found out that he couldn't hack the desk driving needed to go further. Hawk offered him a chance to get back out in the field, and he accepted in a heartbeat.

"Some men were not designed to create PowerPoints and file forms in triplicate for a living. Rapidfire is a man of the field and will never be happy locked in an office away from the action."

Covert Expedition Platoon: This force includes Hawk, Mike Power, Law, Knockdown, Rapid-Fire and Captain Grid-Iron. An additional team member, Sightline is available at Chuck E. Cheese's. They're dressed primarily in neon yellow and stark black with neon brown highlights.

I feel like this was the greatest failure of the project. I tried desperately to get a good metallic looking finish to the torso, and it came out terrible. Trying to fix it with shadowing did not help. It still looks "dirty but shiny" and doesn't look terrible from a distance, the photograph seems to highlight all the flaws of this technique.

The rest of the figure, including the power glove seemed to work well. If I'd had the time, I think I would have redone the torso from scratch.

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