The Covert Expedition Platoon is a small group of Ex-Joes led by Hawk to do the dirtiest, most dangerous work that a soldier can do. Cut off from support and without the tools of modern warfare, the Covert Expedition Platoon will go anywhere and do anything to bring the fight to Cobra.

Sightline is one of those guys that might of, under other circumstances became a Dreadnok. He doesn't think about hygiene or protocol in the field, and is possessed of a humor that's not considered appropriate for even a soldier to partake in. His lack of self restraint made it difficult for him to fit in with the regular army, but underneath the unpolished exterior was an expert in the field of finding good information under bad circumstances. Hawk gave Sightline an opportunity to do what he does best without oversight, and has never regretted the decision.

"Some people don't get along well with others. That's no impediment to a man that spends most of his time alone at the top of a hill reporting everything he sees."

This force includes Hawk, Mike Power, Law, Knockdown, Rapid-Fire and Captain Grid-Iron. An additional team member, Sightline is available at Chuck E. Cheese's. They're dressed primarily in neon yellow and stark black with neon brown highlights.

I had originally had a different head in mind for the Sightline figure, but it didn't end up working in the Torso. I was a little upset that I pulled that name, because doing a Sightline figure has a lot of emotion and complexity to it.

I decided to treat the name like any other and not have this figure tied to Gary Head's tribute figure. I hope that isn't disrespectful, but while I was restricted to using the name, I just didn't feel I could do justice to the original character concept and what it represented.

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