Flash is the original directed weapons energy specialist of the GI. Joe team, and though he still belongs to the world's premier fighting force, he's a man without direction.

Unlike other classes of military munitions, man portable laser weapons hit their peak in the 1980's and have declined since. Due to low stopping power, high expense, and inability to maintain the complicated power sources that are required for their use in the field, laser weapons have not won the battle for development dollars that are so critical to maintaining the cutting edge of weapons development.

Flash spends most of his time taking apart the state of the art directed energy weapons developed by the MARS corporation, writing reports and dreaming of the day when the military once again sees the value of man wielding the power of light and energy on the battlefield.

This is my second of 2 OG13 themed entries for the Repaint Central project. I wanted to get back into the game, and despite very rusty skills I gave it a shot.

I wanted to try out some new techniques. He was very nearly a Grand Slam, but I decided that I would rather go with brown gloves than black, as the figure had no pop and was pretty dull. I also realized that I could put the orange over the metallic silver and see how that looked. When I'd finished the body and went to paint the hair black, I realized that I was looking at Flash, so I just left him as was and Flash he became.

I can see how my skills have atrophied out of disuse, but I still think that he looks pretty cool.

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