Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll was a member of the original charter 13 Joe team. While sidelined from the spotlight by other more notable heavy weapons troopers like Roadblock and Heavy Duty, he still maintains an important role on the team, as a mentor and trainer for new Joe troopers.

"This California surfer dude and band member come soldier may be getting on in years, but still can put more iron on the bar, and lead in the air than the kids half his age."

This is one of my two OG13 styled entries for the repaint project. I wanted a quick and dirty project to try to get back into customizing, and this seemed to be the one. I tried a few miniatures techniques, such as weathering and washes on the boots. I didn't have any gold paint, so I went with copper and a yellow drybrush.

The custom started out a little gimpy, as I used a textured green spray for the base, which didn't work at all like I had hoped.

I am not particularly happy with how it came out, but I think that it makes a reasonable representation of the character for a repaint, given the tribute to the original color scheme and how the hair and beard represent the original.

My skills are rusty, but I'll only get them back by doing.

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