Business Systems Consulting Specialist
Code name: Raptor
Real name: Charles E. Cushman*
POS: IT Project Manager
SOS: Business Process/Application Designer

Raptor is one of those government employees that actually care about how the public's money is spent. Hated and feared by vendors and suppliers, he keeps the cost of delivering mission critical applications down, using public resources in the most efficient way possible.

From the files of General Hawk: "Raptor used to be a bad guy, a CONsultant. He knows how they think. He spent years working for the forces of evil, and now it's his turn to pay penance by defending the people that he once took advantage of."

* Since the baby was born, Charles E. Cushman does not identify any known living person.

Raptor's Stuff:

Raptor's Man-bag: for keeping all his cool IT stuff in.
Raptor's Palm V: because nothing beats a classic.
Raptor's ID Badge: Can't be Government without ID
Raptor's Red Bull: the only thing that keeps him going.

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