Crystal Ball

Real Name: Unknown
PMF: Computer Analyst
SMF: Communications
Birthplace: Bangor Maine

Born of a Romanian Father (who supposedly had "second sight") and an American mother from Bangor Maine, Crystal Ball actually WAS the seventh son of a Seventh son, and such men, the Gypsies field of expertise we'll never know.

He's supposedly worked as a technician on every computer, starting back in grade school when he apparently made his classrooms 10 year old Apple computer internet ready. Spent 4 years at MIT, where he received the nickname "crystal ball" for his unbelievable skills behind a keyboard, and received a degree in Computer Technology. He started working at Gateway, only to be laid-off a year and a half later so his bosses wouldn't't have to take a pay cut. He got even by hacking into his former bosses' banks, withdrawing ALL of their money, and sending them to various non-profit organizations. Little did he know one of those bosses was actually a Crimson Guard, and that account actually belonged to COBRA! He was tracked down, and brought to a Cobra outpost, but for this crime, with would ordinarily bring certain death, was offered a job by the very man who fired him.

He was immediately promoted into the Techno vipers, and quickly rose to the ranks, division, a team of Techno Vipers dedicated to keeping all of Cobra's computer software running at peak efficiency. Whether it's from the console of a terrordrome, on the battlefield, or at a computer at a public library, Crystal Ball uses his talents to extract whatever information Cobra wants from the world wide web, be it high level security codes, bank account numbers, or crashing the computers that send those annoying pop-up ads.

"To say this guy is good is an understatement. There isn't a firewall made that he can't find a crack in, or a 6 letter password he can't figure out. The guy isn't that old, but he dyes his sideburns white to give himself a more 'distinguished look'. Cobra soldiers make sure not to let Crystal Ball know what their E-mail addresses are, if he hasn't been sent of missions, or just happens to be bored, he's been known to hack into them, just to make sure he's not loosing his edge. He's also been known to make purchases off of E-bay using other people's accounts. Rumor has it, once Big Boa received 13,000 Beanie Babies over a span of a month. This rumor has been denied repeatedly, but lets just say Big Boa was not in short supply of presents for female officers over the last 2 Christmases."

One of the few figs I had the bio made up for before I even got to making the fig. I had him thrown together for a month, but got off track with work and Hero clicking, and didn't start painting until early september. Decided to go for a kind of Techno-viper/Classic cobra design for him (since the pinkish purple is a tad...lame). I had originally intended to include his trademark Vincent Price moustache... however couldn't find my uber-fine tipped marker, so scrapped it.

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