Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball

One of the world's most infamous interrogators, Crystal Ball is skilled in all forms of torture and will manipulation. His studies began in the Orient, were he learned of darker uses for acupuncture and acupressure, as well as chakra torture, the purpose of which is to inflict maximum pain to the body's energy centers while keeping the victim alive.

Operating primarily in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, he came to the attention of Destro. Having seen Crystal ball at work, Destro brought him to the attention of Cobra Commander. The Commander himself brought Crystal ball into Cobra, using him to gain intelligence from agents and leaders of the world powers, this intelligence allowing Cobra to become stronger and spread.

During an early encounter with a member of the GI Joe team, Crystal Ball was left scarred and half blind in his right eye after an attempted interrogation of Lady Jaye. This has made his techniques even more cruel and savage as Crystal Ball gives no quarter or pity to his victims.

"Forget all that seventh son of a seventh son humbug and hokum. I've seen this guy do things with knives to get the information he wants that would make a Nullifier cry like a little girl." -- unknown Iron Grenadier

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