Raptor-Vipers are unique among Cobra's animal handlers in that they view their animals not as pets, but as instructors in the art and science of airborne warfare. Using attack strategies borne of thousands of years of evolution, Raptor-Vipers conduct circular "dive and strike" attacks on ground forces, and quickly return to the relative safety of the skies without a loss of momentum. Flying with the animal companions also provides the Raptor-Vipers with accurate information on thermal updrafts, wind speed, and optimal route of attack; critical tactical information on which even the best man made instruments still do not provide accurate information.

Besides the valuable animal companions, Raptor-Vipers are equipped with Stage 3 "Man Portable Air Platforms" (MPAP's) with integrated stabilizers, drift control, and speed, pitch and yaw controls built into the boots of their uniforms.Heads-up and range finder displays are integrated into the goggles, oxygen reserves are built into the mask, and each Raptor-Viper is assigned a micro-impeller-heated rifle to prevent the equipment from freezing at high altitudes.

From Cobra Commander: "They are critical air support to my ground legions, and we only use companion birds from the endangered species list. The Joe fools are afraid to shoot back for fear of violating their own environmental protection laws!"

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