Sea Slug

File Name: (UNKNOWN)
Primary Military Specialty: Sea Ray Navigator
Secondary Military Specialty: Underwater Demolitions

Sea Slugs are chosen from the ranks of EELs(Cobra frogmen). They are qualified in underwater demolitions, small boat tactics and a wide range of SONAR gear. Sea Slug training concentrates on the uses of the SEA RAY Tactical Submersible but also consists of a 6 week condensed version of Lamprey and Snow Serpent training. The specialized Sear Ray training includes three phases: river sand ports, deep ocean, and Arctic. During the Arctic phase, a 35% attrition rate is expected of the training cadre. Qualified Experts: Sea Ray, Wave Crusher, Man-O-War, Moray.

"The SEA RAY is coated with a rubberized damper that sends back extremely indistinct SONAR waves. It is also equipped with low noise generators which mimic the sounds of hump-backed whales. It has an extremely low heat signature and sits low in the water when on the surface. In other words, they are very hard to detect and once you've found them, you have to deal with the Sea Slugs that man them!"

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