Khoroghograd Army Assault Team
Khoroghograd Army Assault Team

Khoroghograd Army Assault Teams are the backbone of Khoroghograd fighting forces. Using 3 man detachments for field and urban operations, the teams make the best use of the small but well trained military troops.

Most assault team members have seen action in Afghanistan or other areas in the Hindu Kush. Younger team members have seen action in Iraq and Iran, and have fought more than their share of insurgents, rebels and some of the best trained militaries in the world.

They might not have the best materiel or the best training. They are too focused on Soviet doctrine and an old playbook. But they have lived no life but the military life for all their lives. They have seen the elephant, and lived through the most Darwinian training of all.

I did a trade with someone on the board for 75 blizard bodies without heads. I wanted to do a regular army uniformed enemy, and thought that the Blizzard body would make a good base. these are all dyed chocolate brown, and given brown accessories to make them look as generic as possible.

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