Real Name: Sirius Black
Originating Service: MSRR ("Magical" Special Recon Regiment)
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Primary Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Camouflage

[ed. Note: The time period for Sirius' involvement is after he and James Potter graduate Hogwarts, but before the attack of Lord Voldemort.]

Submitted by Action Force Agent Quarrel:

"'Ey, Skip. Did you ever hear of this 'enhanced' division of the MRR? Neither had I, at least before this bloke came our way. 'E has no official records; it took a member from the P.M.'s staff to convince our top kick 'e was on the up and up. Once we did, there's no denying how good this bloke is! 'E boasts 'e can get into pretty much anywhere, undetected. We put 'im to the test, and sure 'nuff, he slipped past oall our guards and scarpered with the Captain's shorts. One group did mention seeing a large, shaggy black pup go by them, which our Mr. Padfoot found quite funny."

I lucked out; our local Hastings had a Sirius and a Harry when I went looking for the new 3 3/4" figures. They look spectacular; however, the articulation is fairly limited on these. From this, I got the idea of Sirius as a Guest Star.

The work's all in only a few places. The hair -- my usual 'Hair Club for GI Joes', with the twist of using pre-formed hair from Liz Swann and making my green stuff hair merge into the pre-formed plastic. The torso -- I didn't want to build the collar; larger construction was fair game. Multiple, thin layers of green stuff build up to the vest. The pocket watch chain is cut from the donor NECA figure, but the buttons are from scratch.

Finally, the paint job. The pants had to look like leather, and the boots and holsters, snakeskin.

Moving put a crunch on this figure; he's missing one final accessory: a dog, shaggified a bit and painted black. Sirius is, after all, an Animagus. :)

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