Joemot--/** Dreadnok Theatre:

:torch: We was goin' ta name him "Shotgun Pete," on account he likes swinging that machete of his. Hey! Why di'int we call him "Machete"?

:buzzer: We got a Machete already. The guy with the shotguns.

:torch: Oh.

:ripper: Yeah, but soon as we get shot up to the station, he's all, "Buzzer, don't cut through the airlock," and "Ripper, don't smash that window!"

:buzzer: 'E's just, really twitchy, you know? 'E 'ad good credentials back on the ground. Rode well, fought a good scrap. Cool mullet.

:ripper: :thrasher: :torch: :monkeywrench: :zanzibar: :gnawgahyde: /Nice/ mullet.

:buzzer: But up 'ere, 'e's always freakin' out and goin' for his helmet an' all. We stuck 'im with Road Pig, 'cause Donald actually feels sorry for the blighter, while Road Pig likes scarin' the bejeebus out a' 'im.

:roadpig2: Road Pig -LIKE- little Twitch. He funny.

At first, my original Dreadnok wasn't coming together at all. I had no idea on what to do with him, what his personality was, what his specialty might be (if there's such a thing in the Dreadnoks). What I did have, after an hour's worth of I guess 'doodling' with Sculpey and Burn Out's hair on a Shippy head, was a kind of backwoods guy's face. I think it was after reading the Progress Thread on how the 'Noks were too dumb to realize space was a vacuum, that the idea of, "What if one of these guys /did/ realize just what they've gotten themselves into. And in the blink of an eye, Twitch was born. Of course, he couldn't be /called/ Twitch right away. See the bio.

I needed some idea of what he looked like before being shot into space with the other Dreadnoks; I borrowed the new DTC Monkeywrench torso and arms for this. It made a kind of sense to me that once he found a pressure suit's shirt and helmet (worn over blue jeans, of course. I didn't say he was /bright./ Just aware.), he'd keep his vest with that. The gun's one of those oversized 'Wal-Mart specials', to which I fitted a hand grip and affixed the sight from some normal sized gun. It fits pretty well in the Hacker hands, which I think make decent space suit gloves.

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