File name: Unknown
Birthplace: Sakya Monastery, Tibet
Weapon of Choice: Chinese Broadsword
Three Sectional Staff
Battle Axe

Intelligence operations have been unable to determine if the man currently known as Aleph is in fact the original Night Creeper Leader known as Aleph. Due to a reorganization of the Night Creepers and a failure to infiltrate this new incarnation, intelligence is somewhat limited.

It is believed Aleph was raised in the Sakya Monastery, close to Mount Everest, when the monks found a young mother and child in the drifts of the mountains. Taken by the monks as one of their own, the child was trained in their practices and ideologies. At about the age of 16, he left the Monastery and traveled to Japan under an alias to further his education and training. Any records of him at this time are sketchy at best, although Aleph does turn up in Okinawa and Berlin.

It was in Berlin Intelligence believes he was recruited into the Night Creepers, a group of mercenary ninjas, highly educated, all deadly. No records exist of his service to the Night Creepers, but he presumably rose through the ranks quickly due to his skill. Drawn into an ambush by the SAS and Delta Force, the Clan was decimated, leaving few survivors, further damaging solid intel.

From the ashes a new Clan rose, led by Aleph. Each member surrendered his name, taking a Grecian letter instead. All ties to Cobra were severed and the Clan's new operations have mostly occurred with little to no knowledge of their involvement.

While Aleph holds the seat of power, he has delegated field command to Omega, allowing himself to remain in the shadow. Aleph is usually found clad in the ceremonial robes of the Alpha, but he is fully prepared to act if he is forced to do so.

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