Black Flag

Black flag is a typical 19 year old army brat that has never known anything but army bases and military service. He was raised on, bedtime stories of the force legends surrounding army military units. This interest turned into an obsession for the "legendary" soldier named "Snake Eyes"

He will tell the clearly hyperbolic stories about Snake Eyes given any chance, and has become obsessed with learning more about him. He has a collection of gear purported to have been used by Snake Eyes himself, that Black Flag proudly wears into battle (despite the skin peelings that tend to fall out of it).

When Black Flag learned that Rock and Roll was putting together a unit, and that R&R actually served with the man himself, he almost broke his neck to be accepted to the team.

"This one time, Snake Eyes took out 10 armed soldiers with this thing that he had in his boot. No guys, I'm serious!"

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