Cannonball left his home in Scotland and lied about his age to join the merchant marines in Her Majesty's Service at the tender age of 16. It was here he learned that a life under a merchant captain is the last monarchy. His particular captain was one of the worst despots to ever command a ship.

Cannonball grew taking every insult and accepting every crap task the captain ordered. He was biding his time, waiting for his moment. That moment came years later when the captain, on a power trip, had the men remain on board in port in the Virgin Islands, just close enough to smell the sun tan lotion coming from the nearby beach. Cannonball led the bloody mutiny and took over the ship. He's been a pirate ever since.

Because he is an avid collector of weapons he's the best person to serve as the man at arms, taking care of every blade and fire arm for the crew. But due to his experience, first mate duties often fall into his lap. With his thick accent, grey hair, and light hearted stories you would think he's a nice man but Cannonball will knock your skull in if he thinks it better.

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