Filename: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Weapon of Choice: Khukuri
Night Creeper Sword

Everything that is known of the Night Creeper Omega comes from second party sources and hearsay, leading many to presume he is a myth. Believed to be born in India to an English family, Omega may have been a part of the Special Air Service before recruitment to MI6. Rumors trace his training to the Gorkha, a class of elite soldiers from the mountains of Nepal.

Omega specializes in deaths that appear accidental or natural. The only deaths that can be 100% attributed to him are ones he either wanted the authorities to know about or they were learned of through interrogation of the men who hired him. He is silent, cunning, and lethal. Generals have been slain by his hand in the middle of full dress parades and presidents have fallen to him surrounded by their guards.

His one oddity is a love of art and literature. Much of his accumulate wealth is tied up in priceless works by Donatello, Monet, Rembrant and his vast library.

Of all members of the current Night Creepers, Omega is classified as the deadliest and holds the officer of second-in-command, superceded by only Aleph. Over two dozen countries would issue death warrants if they could prove his existence.

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