Witch Doctor

Amidst a rash of witch hunts from the Congo basin to the African Horn begins the sad tale of the crew member known only as the Witch Doctor. The leader of the local Mai-Mai rebels was shot and killed after the tribal healer's spell failed to repel bullets. Fearing reprisal upon the whole village, his tribe brutally executed his whole family and threw him off a cliff into the crashing waves of the ocean.

He awoke in chains among the crew of the Bonny Read. Zanzibar respected the crazy man's resilience and tenacity. Through many failed attempts at communication one thing was certain. He wanted to get back to his village.

Armed with only a rusty rifle and a dull knife he charged single handedly into the village and killed every member of the tribe. The crew stood in awe as the Witch Doctor yelled, screamed, and laughed to himself even as he triumphantly decapitated his former chief. They knew right then he was a worthy addition to the ship.

He's crazy. He kills solely for pleasure and is loyal to Zanzibar only for letting him carry out his revenge. The crew puts up with all his nonsense because he scares the crap out of passengers, making them easily succumb to their wishes.

Special thanks to my girlfriend Jamie for her first custom work, painting the shield.

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