Filename: Unknown
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan (presumed)
Weapon of Choice: Naginata
Night Creeper Sword

Once known as Dice, a Cobra ninja partnered with the international assassin Slice, Xi rejoined his Night Creeper brethren following the fall of Cobra in the late 1990's. His skills now perfected to an art; Xi became one of the Clan's most sought after assassin.

Following the reestablishment of Cobra in 2000, Xi became a liaison to the terrorist organizations. He acted as a silent arm of Cobra, eliminating competition and enemies of the organization while stealing technology and intelligence they sought.

While Aleph does not fully trust the man once known as Dice, Xi has been entrusted in the elimination of his former partner, who is rumored to be working with MI6. It is unknown if Slice is acting of his own free will, but it matters little to the men who want him dead and the partner he betrayed.

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