Morgan Teach aka Zanzibar was destined to be a pirate. Early in his career, as a river pirate, he became disenfranchised with all the hard work put into making so little profit. The chance meeting when selling bootleg gasoline to Zartan which led to his joining with the Dreadnoks was supposed to be part of his big break. At first it seemed the perfect match made in hell. But from the beginning Zanzibar never fit in with the biker gang and everybody let him know it. He returned their kindness by stealing from them while they slept, shaking their Cobra colas, and biting or poking holes in all of their doughnuts.

When the Dreadnoks started growing and expanding into an international organization, Zanzibar decided it was time to jump ship. He decided to form his own crew of pirates and plunder the seven seas so to speak. He'd seen enough of the Dreadnoks to know how not to run an organization. Zartan agreed to let Zanzibar go minus the usual gang exit procedures as part of their deal. Their joint operation would have Zanzibar using the Dreadnoks to fence, transport, and secure all of the stolen pirate goods for a small percentage. Zanzibar knew he was making a deal with the devil but it was worth the price to be out on his own.

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