Doctor Brainwave
Doctor Brainwave

Excerpt from security footage found at the scene by GI Joe team leader Lt Falcon
Location: Cobra Fortress, Brainwave Atoll, 8 miles South of Cobra Island.
''(laugh)The Sonic Emitter is perfect, it is my best creation ever(laugh). This will teach those fools at the agency... they didn't believe me... (laugh)

In the 80s, Brainwave was the prototype name for Dr Mindbender before it was changed. I wanted to do an evil genius for this project, but did not want to re-hash Mindbender or Venom, so I decided to create a new mad scientist. He is a member of my ''spare parts brigade''. I started with the Freeze head and the obligatory lab coat. I chose the other parts to convey a heavy protective suit. I used purple to tie him to the Cobra Tech Corps. The tin foil hat was just for fun.

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