Dr. Istanbul
Dr. Istanbul

Dr Istanbul
File Name: Doctor Banku Constantinople
Specialty: Human Genetics
Secondary: Biological Engineering

Dr Istanbul has made a career for herself by researching human evolution and mutation. She dropped off of the map about a decade ago, claiming that she had found something that would change the course of human development forever, then nothing. Recent reports have indicated that she is preparing to come back, and reveal what she has discovered. Cobra naturally took an interest and set out to find her first and claim her discoveries and research. Where Cobra goes, G.I. Joe is sure to follow. Now the race is on to secure Dr. Istanbul and her research. Neither team is prepared for exactly how groundbreaking her discoveries have been... Are these naturally occurring or something she cooked up in a lab? If they are her creations, what are her intentions? Where do her loyalties lay? Why are they all women?

"For decades my so called colleagues would scoff at my theories and my research focus. Now they will have no choice but to acknowledge the truth as it stares them in the face. Humanity will never be the same, and they owe it all to me. She who laughs last laughs hardest."

Pretty straightforward. This is the character I created for that create a Joe contest that they had at gijoe.com a couple years ago.

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