Dr. Robert Riker
Dr. Robert Riker

Dr. Robert Riker has been studying and looking for mythical creatures since he was 8 years old and was lost in the woods for weeks. Although his memory is foggy from being so young and out in the elements, when he was found by a search party, he was in remarkably healthy shape and doing well. When asked what happened and how he was alright, Robert only had vague memories of what he called the "hairy Giant" who sheltered him and made certain he was alright.

After that encounter, he devoted his studies to uncovering the mythical Bigfoot creatures, and eventually ventured out into investigating even more mythical creatures around the world.

I thought having an old man that's been out looking for monsters all his life would kind of be a fun idea, and took some inspiration from the old hunter that was hunting bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons.

i usually don't do any drybrushing, but tried it on the blue jeans.

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