The first Ecto Viper is said to have been another accident in the "Leaky Suit Brigade". An explosion in one of Cobra's infamous Toxo Labs rendered this poor guy blind and mute. Scalpel was going to just turn him over to the labs for experimenting on, as his usefulness had been thought to have been exceeded. It was on the elevator down that this theory was put to the test. He started FREAKING OUT, more than his injuries even should have warranted. Intrigued, Dr. Mindbender worked some magic and got an artificial VOX speaker linked to his brain so he could vocalize what was going on. Turns out Cobra Island has more than it's share of ghosts and displaced spirits. This guy can't see the nose on his face, but he can see them. And he hates them, as he's convinced himself that they are somehow responsible for his accident. Which is too bad, because no one has figured out what to do about them yet.

I was unsure about this guy until I started painting him. That's when he really came together. I'm glad I stuck with it, because I really didn't like the combo much. The colors really tied him all together, and I'm glad I finished him up. I chose the colors of the Toxo Lab because as my friend Nova pointed out to ma a long time ago, they are kind of the colors of Cobra science, and they just felt right.

Also, Buzzer's legs are pretty great. People just don't ever remember them.

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