Excerpt from Lt Falcon's after action report:
Location: GI Joe Briefing Room, the Pit:
''The intel guys didn't tell us that Dr Brainwave found a way to miniaturize the Sonic Emitter and adapt it to Cobra vehicles and rifles. The focused beam is a tactical weapon. The sonic shock wave is strong enough to destroy vehicles and vaporize people. One of their Fangboats nailed us good. We didn't lose anyone, but it will take a while to fix the gaping hole on the side of the Orca."

Once Psyche Out and Dial-Tone were locked and the storyline was developing, I started looking at the other Sonic Fighter figures that had been made and tried to find ways of fitting them into the project. Falcon was a no-brainer for the leader of the Joe strike team. I took some liberties with the shade of gray for his uniform as I wanted to tie all my GI Joe Sonic Fighters together. Also, his colors make him fit into an urban setting as well.

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