Felix Houdini

The great great godson of the famous Harry Houdini, Felix spent his younger years traveling the world performing magic.
In one such occasion in Germany, Felix ran afoul with several Cobra Agents led by Crystal Ball, whom chased him into the sewers. It was in the sewers that Felix stumbled upon a long abandoned Nazi hiding place, full of looted treasures and artifacts pertaining to the occult. As the Cobra's caught up to him, Felix reached into an old bag, and out of it came an old wand, which he pointed at the Cobra's, whom simply laughed, and asked "what are you gonna do with that magic man"?
Felix hesitated slightly, and muttered "uh...hocus pocus"? It was then that a powerful burst came from the wand, Felix grabbed the bag and the wand and escaped back to the USA.

With Cobra hot on his trail, it did not take long for the Joe team to take notice and want to know what was so special about Felix. Once they caught up to him, they knew that he was what the team needed.

He is skilled in acrobatics, jujitsu, and is a very good boxer. His goggles were designed by Mirage to keep him safe in battle, and allow him to fight in pitch black conditions, and are designed to keep him safe from his own spells. As for the wand and WW2 era bag, no one knows for sure whether it's really magic, science or technology that Felix possesses.

I thought it would be fun to include my only "magic" type character in the project, so I went back and made another custom of Felix Houdini. I really like the character!

The name and bag are kind of a play on Felix the Cat, the old cartoon that had the cat with the bag of tricks.

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