General Hawk
General Hawk

Excerpt from General Hawk's Briefing
Location: GI Joe Briefing Room, USS Flagg, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, September 30th 2230 hrs:
''Cobra is up to no good again. They have recruited a new mad genius into their ranks and even for Cobra, Doctor Brainwave is weird. He specializes in mind control, subliminal messaging and psychic suggestion, real tin foil hat stuff. He is a technical genius. Cobra Commander built him a brand new fortress on one of the atolls 8 miles south of Cobra Island. From there, we believe that Brainwave is running tests on a large emitter weapon. I'll let Psyche Out explain that one. Yo joe!"

This was a late addition. When I was writing up the story for this project, I imagined Hawk giving his troops the briefing. Since the Talking Battle Commanders were the successors to the Sonic Fighters, I thought it would be fun to work them into the project even though, in my story, Hawk and Stalker are only present in the briefing room and don't take part in the raid on the Cobra fortress.

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