Major Bludd
Major Bludd

Excerpt from Major Bludd's briefing to his troops
Location: Cobra Fortress, Brainwave Atoll, 8 miles South of Cobra Island.
''It's only a question of time before the Joes show up on our doorstep. Vipers, man your posts and give our guests a taste of Cobra's ''hospitality''. Cobraaa!''

Including Major Bludd in this project was a bit of a no-brainer. Initially, I was going to simply repeat my spare parts Major. However, as the project progressed, the recipe changed bit by bit until I grabbed a spare DG Cobra Commander and noticed that the blue was very similar to the original SF Bludd. Even though some of the sculpted details didn't match up, I thought having that brighter (almost electric) shade of blue was fun so I ran with it. The fact that he matches the aforementioned DG Cobra Commander is a nice bonus.

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