Filename: Smelcer, Matthew J.
Primary Specialty: Reconnaissance
Secondary Specialty: Dirigible Pilot
Birthplace: Kingsport, TN

Mayor began his reconnaissance training with the United States armed forces. During the Great War, aerial reconnaissance was becoming a valuable tool for the enemy, so Mayor was sent to train with British RAF in the rapidly developing area of dirigible aerial reconnaissance. During this time, Mayor's brother was serving with the U.S. ground forces in Eastern Europe and went MIA. Being the last surviving son of the family, Mayor was given an honorable discharge. Still believing that his brother was alive, Mayor settled in Great Britain and began researching and developing one man, steam driven dirigibles. His work caught the attention of several prominent people, and with their help, Mayor discovered that his brother was indeed alive, and had actually been captured by the Red Shadows. Under the care of the Red Shadows, Mayor's brother had many experiments performed on him which led to a name change to Ghost, representing a man who was just a mere ghost of his former self. Using his own one man dirigible, the Mayor Zeppelin, Mayor continues to seek out his brother, Ghost.

I based this off of my Star Wars Mayor that I did a few years back. I really liked the idea of the Pathfinder torso for a Steampunk style torso, and added the legs to give him the appearance of flight gear.

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